About Us

MOORE’S started business in Toronto, Ontario in July of 1969 and held their first public auction in April of 1977, the Ontario Numismatic convention sale. Since 1977 MOORE’S has held 128 public and Mail Bid Auction sales, and currently conducts two major auctions in Canada each year.

MOORE’S has conducted multiple auctions for the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association (R.C.N.A.), the Ontario Numismatic Association, (O.N.A.), the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers, (C.A.N.D.), The Toronto International Coin Fair, (T.I.C.F.), and TOREX, Canada’s oldest commercial show, as well as for many other numismatic clubs and associations.

Since 1977 MOORE’S has sold over $ of primarily Canadian coins, tokens and banknotes for over 2,000 individual consignors to over 25,000 collectors. MOORE’S highlight auctions include three sales for the Bank of Canada, selling one of the most valuable collections to ever be auctioned in Canada. Over the decades MOORE’S has set numerous world price records for Canadian coins and banknotes, including in 2010 when a Bank of Vancouver, $5.00 note of the 1910 issue, with serial number 000001 realized $150,000.00. While most the material auctioned over the decades by MOORE’S has been Canadian and Newfoundland decimal coinage, Government and Chartered Bank Notes and Colonial tokens, significant collections of historical medals, United States and world coins and banknotes and ancient Greek and Roman coinage have also been featured.

Charles D. Moore, the President of MOORE’S is a thirty-eight year Life member and a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association and served twenty-seven years on the R.C.N.A. board, as well as a term as Vice President and two terms as President of the Association. Mr. Moore is also a thirty-four year Life Member of the Canadian Paper Money Society, (C.P.M.S.), a thirty year board member and both a Vice President and President of the Society. Mr. Moore was also a founding Charter member of the Canadian Association of Numismatic Dealers, (C.A.N.D.), and served terms as both Vice President and President of the Association.

In addition to serving on elected boards and executive positions, Mr. Moore has worked in numerous capacities behind the scenes promoting Canadian numismatics, and bringing collectors and dealers together. In 2010 Charles Moore was awarded the J.D. Ferguson gold medal, the highest award in Canadian numismatics for his numerous contributions to Canadian numismatics. At present, Mr. Moore is the chairman of the Canadian Association for Numismatic Education, (C.A.F.N.E.), and a non-profit Association that provides grants for Canadian educational purposes.

MOORE’S offers four decades of Industry experience, outstanding prices for your coins, tokens, banknotes and medals, excellent customer service and very competitive commission rates. Consignment information is available by contacting MOORE’s at P.O. Box 5233, Walnut Creek, CA. 94596, phone (925)-946-0150, fax (925)-930-7710, e-mail. Yearly subscriptions to all MOORE auctions catalogues and publications are available for $25.00 per annum.